AZ FAN Stands for Arizona Feminist Action Network

AZ FAN is a loose band of anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-heteronormative, anti-cisnormative, and anti-hierarchical fanatics. We are passionate about spreading cultures of mutual aid, accountability, and resistance. We are figuring out what that means specifically to this region where white supremacy, dogmatic nationalism and prison slavery is at our throats, and patriarchy is internalized by anyone without question. We come together to actively support and aid each other in separate projects, actions, and endeavors. AZ FAN is not an organization - we are a network, confronting and dismantling all fronts of oppression.

To contact us, email

13th September 2011


Cunt Health: A DIY Health Care Workshop

Have a cunt? Love cunts? Want to learn more about cunt health care? Tuesday, September 20 @ 7PM at the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective.

Join the Arizona Feminist Action Network for a FREE workshop on taking back control of our health from the patriarchal for-profit medical industry. Special guest speakers will be Stacy Ocimum (herbalist) and Kate Paxton (midwife).

Topics covered in the workshop include:

• THE CLIT (and other anatomy)
• Menstruation - what to do with all that blood!
• PMS - Cramps, pain, bloating etc - some natural remedies/strategies
• Charting the menstrual cycle
• Pregnancy/birthing - what options are there?
• Common infections - identification and treatment

We’ll be taking questions and talking about our personal experiences with our cunts and the medical industry, but no-one will be required to share anything they’re not comfortable with. If you have any specific accommodations you’d like us to make, please message Elise or Haley, or talk to us before the workshop.

This workshop is open to people of all genders, orientations, and anatomies (ie you don’t have to have a cunt)!

Bottled water and cunty refreshments will be provided. 

The event will be held at the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective at 1023 Grand Ave. Here’s a map:

If you’re planning on driving to the workshop and will have room in your vehicle, please post on the event wall what area you’re coming from so other participants can contact you for a ride share.

Public Transit Routes:
Route 8 (7th Ave) - get off at 7th Ave/Roosevelt and walk west to 11th Ave, south to Grand.
Route 3 (Van Buren) - get off at 7th Ave/Van Buren and walk NW on Grand to Taylor.
Route 15 (15th Ave) - get off at 15th Ave/Roosevelt and walk SE on Grand to Fillmore.

To learn more about the AZ Feminist Action Network or the Rusty Spoke, visit:

If you want to work out a rideshare or have any questions before the workshop, please contact Elise Griffin or Haley Monsta.

[image description: cartoon of wonder woman holding a speculum. she is saying “With my speculum, I am strong! I can fight!” Four male doctors and a planned parenthood sign are being crushed by her in the bottom of the image]

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8th September 2011

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Movie Showing & Discussion - Itty Bitty Titty Committee

AZ F.A.N. is having a movie showing and discussion on Friday, September 9 (TOMORROW!!)! We will be showing Itty Bitty Titty Committee. Here is a description.

Anna is coming out. But not as gay as a revolutionary. Itty Bitty Titty Committee is a rocking love song to the heady rush of sex, freedom and rebellion that happens when an everyday girl discovers her own strength and the righteous indignation needed to take action and change the world. Our heroine is a shy, just-out-of-high-school lesbian, still living with her parents and working at a plastic surgery clinic. She is depressed because of a recent breakup but lives in a super-loving, gay-is-A-OK kind of family. Her world opens up one night when she catches a one-woman army reclaiming public space for women (i.e., spray painting the clinic where Anna works). A recruiting member of the guerrilla girls-esque Clits in Action (C(i)A), Sadie is trying to make people aware of how bad plastic surgery is for women. With an undeniable attraction to this sexy, raw rebel girl, Anna eagerly joins the ranks of C(i)A and starts her roller coaster ride from meek and mousy to bad-ass bravado. Full of mosh pits, power fists and utter charm,
(87 Minutes)

Feel free to bring food and drinks and to invite 
your friends. Anyone is welcome. 

We will be talking about the movie afterwards, so also feel free to stay and join the discussion.

It’s at the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective on 1023 Grand Avenue in Phoenix at 8PM. Hope to see y’all there!

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3rd September 2011

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Saturday, September 10.


You’d better come.

Some of us are throwing a big huge “Queer as in Fuck You” dance party to help pay for Ira’s top surgery and to benefit the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective. Ira is a super amazing participant in AZFAN, and we want to help him pay for top surgery, a ridiculously expensive procedure. I’m copying and pasting from the FB invite:

This party isn’t gay as in “happy,” it’s queer as in “fuck you.” 

Come dressed in your most fabulous genderfuck outfit, dance your ass off, and help us raise money for Ira’s top surgery. This shit ain’t cheap, y’all. Half of the donations will be going to the Rusty Spoke for allowing us to use the space and to help keep it running.

Kissing Booth!
Spanking Booth!
Raffles with fabulous prizes!
Gender bender costume contest!
DJs spinning the queerest songs you’ve ever heard!

Entry is only $5, and everything else will be super cheap. Be sure to bring cash!

(If you don’t know Ira very well, you should. Check out his writing and videos at

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2nd September 2011


Undoing Borders talk tonight!

I know I’m posting this late (sorry), but if anybody can make it out to this event tonight, please try to!! AZFAN and 3rd Space (a collective of queer people of color + allies) are cohosting HAVOQ, the group that’s putting on this talk. This is the first date of their international tour, so check their website to see if they’re coming to a town near you if you’re not in phx! They’ll be in Tucson next. 

Potluck, presentation and conversation with queer organizers from the Bay Area about undoing borders. 

Meet the organizers and get a copy of their newly released collective writing project- Undoing Borders

6pm POTLUCK and conversation— what does being queer have to do with borders?

7pm PRESENTATION by the collective

& more connecting conversation between 3rd Space queer organizing, migrant justice, demilitarization of the border, prison abolition & more!

Here is a link to the zine:

And here is a link to the undoing borders tour website:

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18th August 2011

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Undoing Borders: Queer No Borders Manifesto →

Here’s a zine/manifesto thingy about undoing borders, both national borders and borders that appear in the queer community. I haven’t finished reading it, but I want ya’ll to see it because the group that put this out is coming to Phoenix on September 2, and Tucson on September 4. This is also quite relevant to us Arizonan feminists, living on the national border and all. Check it!!

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19th July 2011

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Goodmorning, everyone!

Don’t forget that tonight is Asking For It: A Consent Workshop at the Rusty Spoke in Phoenix from 7-9!

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