AZ FAN Stands for Arizona Feminist Action Network

AZ FAN is a loose band of anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-ableist, anti-heteronormative, anti-cisnormative, and anti-hierarchical fanatics. We are passionate about spreading cultures of mutual aid, accountability, and resistance. We are figuring out what that means specifically to this region where white supremacy, dogmatic nationalism and prison slavery is at our throats, and patriarchy is internalized by anyone without question. We come together to actively support and aid each other in separate projects, actions, and endeavors. AZ FAN is not an organization - we are a network, confronting and dismantling all fronts of oppression.

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5th September 2011


Ladies & Trans Nights at Bike Co-ops

In AZ, we’re really lucky to have a few bike co-ops where people can learn to fix their bikes for free or cheap, build bikes for work-trade or cheap, and have a place to hang out and do fun stuff in a place with bike wheels hanging from the ceiling and at least one person with a wallet made out of bike tubes in their pocket. According to my research, there are 3 bike co-ops that have nights devoted to female people and trans people. This is awesome, because bike culture (as with most other culture) can be quite patriarchal and exclusive to many groups of people, including female and trans people. So here’s the info on the places who have nights for us, where cis d00dz can’t hang around, where we can learn from and teach each other about bicycle maintenance!!

The Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective

Ladies & Trans night 1st Tuesday of every month, 7-10PM

1023 Grand Avenue, Phoenix (entrance through the alley between Fillmore and Taylor)

Bike Saviours

The website says Women’s Night, but I was under the impression that it was for Women and Trans people… maybe call ahead if you wanna feel super safe. It’s every Wednesday from 6-9PM

601 W University Dr, Tempe


Women & Transgender Workshop every Sunday from 12-4 PM

44 W 6th St, Tucson

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3rd September 2011

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Saturday, September 10.


You’d better come.

Some of us are throwing a big huge “Queer as in Fuck You” dance party to help pay for Ira’s top surgery and to benefit the Rusty Spoke Bicycle Collective. Ira is a super amazing participant in AZFAN, and we want to help him pay for top surgery, a ridiculously expensive procedure. I’m copying and pasting from the FB invite:

This party isn’t gay as in “happy,” it’s queer as in “fuck you.” 

Come dressed in your most fabulous genderfuck outfit, dance your ass off, and help us raise money for Ira’s top surgery. This shit ain’t cheap, y’all. Half of the donations will be going to the Rusty Spoke for allowing us to use the space and to help keep it running.

Kissing Booth!
Spanking Booth!
Raffles with fabulous prizes!
Gender bender costume contest!
DJs spinning the queerest songs you’ve ever heard!

Entry is only $5, and everything else will be super cheap. Be sure to bring cash!

(If you don’t know Ira very well, you should. Check out his writing and videos at

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18th July 2011

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Ladies and Trans Bicycle Repair Workshop →

Ladies and Trans night is happening at the Rusty Spoke…again! This is a chance for women and trans folks to come in, other than Sunday, and get help with their bikes!

There will be people there to help you so dont be shy about coming in. It is going to be every first Tuesday of the month, so come and invite your women and/or trans friends! You don’t even have to have a bike to work on. You can just come in and learn things or hang out.

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